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Art Residency Program

CUBE. Moscow
4-29 September, 2019

CUBE. Moscow is a cultural initiative in the field of visual arts with a mission
to popularize contemporary art in Russia, to increase the level of presence
of Russian contemporary art and interest towards it in the World.
As well as to contribute to the acquaintance of the Russian audience
with international contemporary art.
This September Cube. Moscow launched their first annual site-specific residence for Russian artists aimed at developing the contemporary art scene in Russia and integrating Russian art into the international context.

The art residency was built around a challenging topic relevant to the
Russian art context. The first residence was framed by the "Public and Private" exhibition opening the intimate space of artists' workshops at the Cube. Moscow public space.

The focus of this year's residency is the support of an emerging artist who will be selected through an open call among students and graduates of 2015−2019 of Moscow schools teaching contemporary art: Institute of Contemporary Art (ISI), Rodchenko School, British Higher School of Design (BHSD), Baza Institute, and Free Workshops School of Contemporary Art.

MOCT Foundation was invited to support one underprivileged emerging artist and give her/him the opportunity to participate in the residence by providing research and financial opportunities to reflect on a proposed topic and create his/her own project.
The winner of 2019 Art Residency program became Paulina Siniatkina, Moscow based artists and activist, a graduate of MSAAI named after
V.I Surikov.

The winning project "Chamber N12" is a performative installation
based on artist's personal life story, where she explores the themes
like the body and personal freedom, stigma and discrimination,
social norms and prejudice.

"Since surviving tuberculosis in 2015 I combine art with activism
to break down society's barriers around classified people. I think art is the only weapon against stigma and discrimination
Member of international association of art UNESCO. TB activist,
Member of international network of people with experience of tuberculosis TBpeople.

The artist will be provided with a grant for development and
realisation of the project, as well as participation in the educational
part of the program; a workshop space; PR and curatorial support,
and promotion on the international stage.

Alongside Polina, there are 5 runner-ups who will also receive an opportunity to take part in the residence educational program and ongoing support.

The expert board: Daria Demekhina, Katya Bochavar, MishMash group,
Sergey Pakhom Pakhomov, Alexey Tregubov, Olya Kroytor.
The artists: Polina Sinyatkina, Andronik Khachiyan, Anna Belousova & Vik Laschenov,
Lena Drozdova, Philip Yakushin